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Shoot Your Shot!

Did you know:

Men statistically apply to jobs if they meet at least 60% of the job criteria. Whereas, women apply if they meet 100% of the job requirements.

This bit of research hit home for me. When I am job hunting, I read company descriptions and requirements thoroughly. Making sure that I am the ideal candidate before I submit the application. The question is, why do I feel like I have to check off every box before I attempt to get the job?


Fear shackles us to the ground. Keeping us from taking risks and pursuing opportunities that peak our interest. These fears can come from many different sources: traumas, failed attempts, males dominated industries, lack of confidence, etc. But think about how limited our lives will be if we continue to allow fear to hold us back.

And as I think more about it, why would I want to be 100% fit for the job? That would mean I have no room to grow.

Here's how to combat that fear:

- Knowledge is power. If you are entering a new industry, build your confidence by learning new skills (upskill).

- Emphasize soft skills on your cover letter. Give specific examples of things you didn't know, but learned how to do through practice and application.

- Remind yourself that your inexperience will bring fresh perspective. You will be more willing to immerse yourself in the new.

- Beat the competition. Don't be the last to apply, race to be one of the first. Make sure that those job alerts are on. Stand out at the top of the stack.

(On average, recruiters review 250 applications per job posting. You want to be one of the first to be noticed so that you don't blend in with crowd.)

- Make your presence known on Linkedin. Spend time optimizing your portfolio by customize your URL, tell a story about yourself in your About Me, and connect with people who work for companies you want to apply to.

Moral of the story: Shoot your shot Sis! Even if you barely qualify......APPLY!


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